Fitcation at Home: Giveaways

Fitcation at Home

What’s a party without giveaways, right? This week during Fitcation at Home, we are super excited to be able to offer giveaways! There are a few different ways to enter the giveaways, so pay attention…

#FitcationAtHome #Mamavation5K

Join us for 3.1 miles of healthy movement during Fitcation! Everyone who RSVPs for the 5K, completes the 5K and posts a pic of themselves after they’ve finished it will be entered to win one of our 3 giveaways from Boiron! Check out this post for more information on the 5K.

Special Promotions

These are available BOTH for the people who are attending Fitcation and for those at home:

  • SIP Certified Vineyards: Anyone who makes any reference to wine & fun, creates a picture, RTs a picture, or whatever… and uses the hashtags #SIPtheGoodLife and #Fitcation13 is automatically entered to win a $50 payout. 4 winners
  • Earth Footwear: For every tweet, RT, or picture entered with the hashtags #EarthFootwear and #Fitcation13, you will be entered to win one pair of shoes.
  • Swerve Sweetener: For every time you share about the affiliate opportunity with the hashtags #swervesweetie and #Fitcation13, you will be entered to win a $50 payout. 2 winners
  • Travel Paso: Anyone who tweets, RTs a tweet, RTs a picture, etc with the hashtags #TravelPaso and #Fitcation13, will be entered to win a $50 payout. 2 winners
  • Fitcation At Home Participation

    Have you seen the swag bags that the women who are attending Fitcation will be bringing home? They are VERY impressive! And as part of Fitcation at Home, we have 2 swag bags to give away to those who are participating with us! We have a schedule of events planned that will give you ample opportunity to enter to win the prizes, as well as enjoy the fun and excitement of the event! Check back soon for a detailed schedule on how you can participate with Fitcation at Home!