Picture Yourself at #FitcationAtHome

Fitcation at Home

Over the weekend submit your best photos either through twitpic or instagram (and share on twitter).  Make sure you use the Fitcation at home hashtag #fitcationathome and the hashtag and names listed to give props to our amazing sponsors.

  • Best Organic Wino –Your best selfie with a SIP Certified Vineyard wine.  Check them out at SIPCertified.org. Be sure to  include them in tweets and winstagram @SIPtheGoodLife
  • Most Improved Show Award-Take a picture of your busted up old shoes and then post a photo of the Earth footwear shoe you would most want to be wearing instead.  You can find their shoe selection online at Earthbrands.com.  Be sure to include them in tweets @earthfootwear
  • California Dreaming Photo-Take a selfie of you daydreaming and include in your tweet what would be your dream part of a Travel Paso Vacation.  Check out what they have to offer at TravelPaso.com.  Don’t forget to include @travelpaso and @VisitSLOC in your tweet
  • EVOO at Home-Take a picture of how you use Olive Oil at home.  The ladies are taking a tour of an amazing Olive Oil company.  Clearly describe how you would use their olive oil at home.  Please include @pasolivo in your pics
  • Sweat is Sexy Photo-Our ladies are going on a Hike on Friday.  Show us you know how to move it and look good too.  Send us your sweaty selfie in honor of the ladies trip @halterranch
  • Lovely and Local-On Friday night the group is attending a locally harvested dinner.  Show us what you are using that is local to your area.  Be sure to include what it is and where you found the item.
  • Detoxing Diva-Mamavation is all about detoxifying your life. Show us a selfie either using or displaying your favorite natural product.  It can be anything-food, cleaning product, personal care item.
  • Excuses-Excuses-There is obviously a reason we are home and not at the amazing event that is Fitcation.  Show us the reason you couldn’t attend (maybe its kids, work, or an empty wallet-we all have our reason why we couldn’t be there) .  Share with us w
    why you couldn’t make an in person début.
  • Fun at home photo-Show us a picture of you participating in one of the Fitcation events at home.
  • Just me and my Jammies-Although it is sad we all can’t be at the actual event there is something to say for hanging out in your jammies still having a good time with your Mamavation friends.  Show us a picture of you or your jammies (or even you in your jammies)

Join in the fun! Register for #FitcationAtHome, participate in the #FitcationAtHome #Mamavation5K, and don’t forget to get your entries in for the #Fitcation13 giveaways!

Fitcation at Home: Schedule of Events

Fitcation at Home


While our fabulous friends are off enjoying the Fitcation Girlfriend Getaway in Paso Robles & Surrounding areas (check out their schedule here!), those of us who are at home will be joining them in checking out the sponsors, learning about the destinations and travel plans, and even getting our sweat on through Fitcation at Home! And the best part is that YOU are invited to join us!

How to Register for Fitcation At Home

Register – sign up on this form, leave a comment here letting us know you’re attending, and then share your plans on social media! This can be done in the form of a tweet or Facebook update, like:

I’m attending #FitcationAtHome with #mamavation. You can too! http://bit.ly/FitcationAtHome

FYI – on the form, we ask for information like your various social networks and blog URL – you do NOT have to fill all of these out, but they will be used in some of our special plans for the event!


How to Participate in Fitcation At Home

  1. #FitcationAtHome #Mamavation5K is a great way to participate! You can complete the 5K any day during Fitcation (Thursday – Saturday, or even Sunday!). Check out our information post about the 5K for details.
  2. Fitcation Giveaways – these are open both to those attending Fitcation and to anyone who is not attending. You do not have to register for Fitcation at Home for these giveaways.
  3. Tweet, tweet, tweet! When you tweet using the #fitcationathome hastag, you’re automatically entered to win one of the swag bags from Fitcation!
  4. You can also participate in any or all of the events we have planned below. Some are only available on certain days, so check your schedule!


Fitcation at Home Schedule

ALL DAYS | Thursday October 10 – Saturday October 12

These events will be available for you to participate any and all days of Fitcation!

  • #Fitcation13 #Mamavation5K
  • Get to Know the #FitcationAtHome Attendees with a blog scavenger hunt! Once you RSVP, we’ll be picking something from your blog to use as a hint in a scavenger hunt so we can get to know one another – just like the girls at Fitcation will be. The scavenger hunt details will be posted soon, so make sure you register for #FitcationAtHome ASAP!
  • #FitcationAtHome Wine Country Tour – we want to share in the fun and neat experiences that the girls at Fitcation are having, so we’re preparing a scavenger hunt throughout the websites of the sponsors, destinations, and swag donors! Not only will we be able to check out wine country through their tweets and Instagram photos, we’ll get to check out the awesomeness for ourselves too! The scavenger hunt details will be posted soon.
  • Picture Yourself at #FitcationAtHome – we love to see the beautiful faces of the women in our community, and it’s a great way to get entries for the giveaways as well! We’ll be posting a list on Thursday of different pictures you can take – we can’t let the Fitcation attendees have all the fun, so we’ll be joining them with our own pics too! (Hint: I’ll be finding some SIP wine near me to take pictures with… and DRINK!)
  • Follow Fitcation Friends – once you register for Fitcation at Home, you’ll be added to our list of at home participants! We will be sharing follow lists of the social media links of our at home participants


DAY ONE | Thursday October 10

It’s the kick off of Fitcation! Since the girls are only doing afternoon activities on the Fitcation ’13 schedule, we will use this day to make sure everyone gets registered and has time to get started on the event-long fun above!

DAY TWO | Friday October 11

One of the best parts of a girlfriend getaway is the quality girl time! Even if you weren’t able to be an attendee at Fitcation, there’s no reason you can’t still enjoy the girl time! While the attendees are enjoying their complimentary reflexology massages during the Earth Footwear Presentation at Halter Ranch, Lydia will be hosting a Slumber Party Google+ Hangout for the #FitcationAtHome Attendees! She even has slumber party games planned, so grab a bottle of SIP wine and get ready to have a great girlfriend getaway from the comfort of your own computer!

Date: Friday October 11
Time: 9pm EST/6pm PST
Where: Google+ Hangout

We’ll have details on how to find the hangout ready for you on Friday!


DAY THREE | Saturday October 12

Part of the fun of attending events with other bloggers is getting to know other people in our niche better – and checking out their blogs to see what they’re doing and talking about! The Fitcation attendees will be having dinner at this super social media savvy restaurant called Eatz (they’ll be able to see a Twitter feed on a screen by the door, let’s make sure it has LOTS of #FitcationAtHome on it so they know we’re partying with them!), and we’ll be hanging out in a Google+ video chat and checking out each others blogs! From the list of people who RSVP’d for #FitcationAtHome, we’ll take turns visiting each person’s blog to leave some love, hosted by yours truly!

Date: Saturday October 12
Time: 9pm EST/6pm PST
Where: Google+ Hangout

We’ll have more details on how to find the hangout ready for you on Saturday! Make sure you RSVP at the top of this post to have your link shared in this chat!

So there you have it – our plan for #FitcationAtHome! Many people put thought and effort into this plan, including Lydia, Erica, Meagan, June, Sarah, and everyone else we bugged about it! It may not be as fun as visiting Paso Robles or San Luis Obispo County, but we’ll have plenty of reasons why we NEED to visit them soon!

So what do you think? Will you join us for #FitcationAtHome? Register and leave a comment here so we know you’re attending!