Picture Yourself at #FitcationAtHome

Fitcation at Home

Over the weekend submit your best photos either through twitpic or instagram (and share on twitter).  Make sure you use the Fitcation at home hashtag #fitcationathome and the hashtag and names listed to give props to our amazing sponsors.

  • Best Organic Wino –Your best selfie with a SIP Certified Vineyard wine.  Check them out at SIPCertified.org. Be sure to  include them in tweets and winstagram @SIPtheGoodLife
  • Most Improved Show Award-Take a picture of your busted up old shoes and then post a photo of the Earth footwear shoe you would most want to be wearing instead.  You can find their shoe selection online at Earthbrands.com.  Be sure to include them in tweets @earthfootwear
  • California Dreaming Photo-Take a selfie of you daydreaming and include in your tweet what would be your dream part of a Travel Paso Vacation.  Check out what they have to offer at TravelPaso.com.  Don’t forget to include @travelpaso and @VisitSLOC in your tweet
  • EVOO at Home-Take a picture of how you use Olive Oil at home.  The ladies are taking a tour of an amazing Olive Oil company.  Clearly describe how you would use their olive oil at home.  Please include @pasolivo in your pics
  • Sweat is Sexy Photo-Our ladies are going on a Hike on Friday.  Show us you know how to move it and look good too.  Send us your sweaty selfie in honor of the ladies trip @halterranch
  • Lovely and Local-On Friday night the group is attending a locally harvested dinner.  Show us what you are using that is local to your area.  Be sure to include what it is and where you found the item.
  • Detoxing Diva-Mamavation is all about detoxifying your life. Show us a selfie either using or displaying your favorite natural product.  It can be anything-food, cleaning product, personal care item.
  • Excuses-Excuses-There is obviously a reason we are home and not at the amazing event that is Fitcation.  Show us the reason you couldn’t attend (maybe its kids, work, or an empty wallet-we all have our reason why we couldn’t be there) .  Share with us w
    why you couldn’t make an in person début.
  • Fun at home photo-Show us a picture of you participating in one of the Fitcation events at home.
  • Just me and my Jammies-Although it is sad we all can’t be at the actual event there is something to say for hanging out in your jammies still having a good time with your Mamavation friends.  Show us a picture of you or your jammies (or even you in your jammies)

Join in the fun! Register for #FitcationAtHome, participate in the #FitcationAtHome #Mamavation5K, and don’t forget to get your entries in for the #Fitcation13 giveaways!

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