Fitcation is Taking Applications–Twitter Party July

Fitcation, a healthy blogger retreat organized by the Mamavation campaign, has just opened up applications. This year our excursion is to Paso Robles, California in October. It’s just in between Santa Barbara and San Francisco and is beautiful wine country. During this weekend bloggers will be doing several activities such as hiking, touring vineyards and farms, wine tasting, kayaking, shopping, doing Crosfit, yoga, and plenty of sight seeing at Hearst Castle and other places. And finally, some amazing swag bags are being assembled with natural food, fitness and parenting products. It’s going to be an amazing journey and only available to bloggers. Half the tickets have already gone to Mamavation members, but the other half will be open to applications. Tickets will be $200 and they include all activities and most meals. You will still need to get yourself to the location and get a hotel room. Each blogger participant is asked to sign a contract promising to post within two weeks and live tweet the event using specified hashtags. You don’t have to be a mom, but you do have to be female and an active blogger. Announcements of who will be cleared to purchase tickets will be after July 15th.

Here is a video from our sponsor with one destination we will be visiting. Halter Ranch is a sustainable vineyard that sources to over 100 different wineries.

And after seeing those sights, I’m sure you are interested in more details about the event:

Fitcation Details

Blogger Retreat Date: October 10-12th
Location: Paso Robles, CA. Beautiful wine country friendly to families.
Schedule: Check this out!
Main Sponsor: SIP Certified Sustainable Vineyards and Wines
Additional Sponsors: Paso Robles Travel Bureau, San Luis Obispo Travel Bureau
How to Apply: Please fill out this form

Help us celebrate with a Twitter Party!!! On Wednesday, June 19th from 7-8pm PST (10-11pm EST) join us on twitter with the #Fitcation13 hashtag and we can chat about healthy traveling, gourmet health food, wine, and wellness. And we will be doing some giveaways with some of our swag bag sponsors for the event.

Twitter Party Details:

Date: Wednesday, June 19th from 7-8pm PST (10-11pm EST)
Hashtag: #Fitcation13


  1. Sante Makeup Gift Set (3 winners)
  2. New Balance tennis shoes (3 winners)
  3. Bobs Red Mill $50 Gift Certificate (1 winner)
  4. Rock My Run membership (3 winners)
  5. Body Physica Intense with Lisa Johnson HIIT Training DVD (3 winners)
  6. Earth Footwear (3 winners get first pick of fall line in August)


1. @Bookieboo–Hostess
2. @Momma_oz–Co-host in charge of Giveaways, Mamavation ticket holder
3. @SiptheGoodLife–Main Sponsor of event
4. @EarthFootwear–Swag Bag Sponsor
5. @Sante_USA–Swag Bag Sponsor
6. @NewBalance–Swag Bag Sponsor
7. @RockMyRun–Swag Bag Sponsor
8. @LisaJohnson–Swag Bag Sponsor
9. @bodhi_bear–Mamavation ticket holder
10. @monicazyoung–Mamavation ticket holder
11. @littlemamajama–Mamavation ticket holder
12. @ResaMichelle–Mamavation ticket holder
13. @simplyjunebug–Mamavation ticket holder
14. @gfunkified–Mamavation ticket holder
15. @way2gomom–Mamavation ticket holder
16. @insightsbyapril–Mamavation ticket holder
17. @jeanae–Mamavation ticket holder
18. @pamelamkramer–Mamavation ticket holder

To Enter we want some help promoting the party. Please make sure to share this post on two of your favorite platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Then during the party, we will be randomly selecting winners via live tweets. The more you tweet, the more you are entered to win. We are looking forward to a fun time!

Here is a sample tweet for you to use:

Sample tweets:

Join #Fitcation13 Application Party. Healthy blogger retreat in Paso Robles, CA! Celebrate 6/19 7pm PST,


BLOGGER VACATION in Paso Robles, CA! Join us to celebrate application for #Fitcation13 6/19 7pm PST,

Please RSVP by hitting the Linky below and leaving your twitter name. Thank you!


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    See you there! Sounds like a lovely and invigorating retreat! RSVP’d: @swtthing3

  5. so excited ~ the fitcation sounds amazing and just what I need!

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    Cant wait

  7. Love being healthy and fit!!! Can’t wait to party with you all!!!

  8. going to be hard, the party is right during my major juggling time…such is life for a mom of five and mima of two. I might be in and out for this.

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  2. […] On Wednesday, June 19th, we’ll be having a Fitcation Application Launch Twitter Party at 7pm PST/10pm EST! Applications now open for Fitcation, and don’t forget to RSVP for the twitter party to be entered into the awesome giveaways. […]

  3. […] On Wednesday, June 19th, we’ll be having a Fitcation Application Launch Twitter Party at 7pm PST/10pm EST! Applications now open for Fitcation, and don’t forget to RSVP for the twitter party to be entered into the awesome giveaways. […]

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