Fitcation ’12 Sponsor – Dole Foods

Since 1851, Dole Foods Company has been producing high quality fresh fruits, vegetables and has grown to over 200 products.

Dole has also created the Nutrition Institute filled with nutritional news, food facts, and resources further lending to their status as an industry leader for nutrition education.

Dole’s efforts do not stop with nutrition they are also working on conservative efforts with its “Recycle and Reuse” policy by conserving materials, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency throughout the supply chain and reducing it’s carbon footprint.

We are proud to have Dole Foods as our 2012 Fitcation Sponsor, providing us with nutritious snacks and helping us continue the fight against obesity.


Learn more about Dole here: | Facebook/Dole | Twitter/DoleNutrition | Nutrition Institute

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